Two weeks ago we took these pictures because we couldn't believe how warm it was outside.  Now with the official first day of spring just a few days ago, the grass if green, the trees are budding, and the flowers are pushing through the soil.  As much as we want to get started on the lawn, we are holding back as it isn't quite ready for the hard work.

Grilling has become the normal meal for the last couple of weeks.  Tonight was steak and asparagus and believe it or not, we got Sylvia to eat a bunch of asparagus!  She also had chicken, potatoes, bread, and a handful of sweet potato fries...  Some fruit smoothie and milk to drink and after bath a small piece of cake she made in the Easy Bake Oven yesterday.  I think she may have ate more than mom and dad combined.

Looking at the extended forecast, it doesn't appear that this nice weather is going to leave us...  Yeah for Spring!

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from our littlest leprechaun!

9 Months

Our little peanut is already 9 months old!  Time sure does fly by, especially with the second one.  It seems that we could remember all the "firsts" for Sylvia and now it seems like it is a blur with Violet.

This week has been a good one, as not one, but two teeth have popped through, she has been sitting up unassisted, she has mastered the art of picking up and eating cheerio's, and finally, she is "officially" rolling over.


Height - 26 3/4" (25th percentile)
Weight - 16# 8.5oz (10th percentile)
Head - 17" (55th percentile)

Big sister is so in love with Violet.  The best part of my morning is when I need to still get ready for work, both girls are awake, and Sylvia goes into Violet's room and talks with her until I am ready.  Violet loves it...  as I can hear the laughing on the monitor.  I am sure this will turn at some point, but for now, I will continue to embrace it!

Fun with Dad

I live in a house full of girls, so I may as well embrace it.  

A couple weeks back Zach celebrated his 5th birthday.  One of the prizes in the box of goodies was some finger nail polish.  This was a new experience for Sylvia (and Dad), but I think we did a good job.

I'm not completely giving up however!  Last Saturday, Sylvia and I went to The Home Depot for the kids workshop.  Basically, HD gives you a kit to work on in the store.  They provide everything - hammers, glue, paint, etc.  This month it was the #20 Home Depot NASCAR.  They even had a ramp set up to "race" against the other kids.

Sylvia was very proud of her car... and also remembered we made the same car one year ago, so once we got home, we had to find its "friend".

It will be interesting to watch these two girls grow up and see how much "boy" stuff they will do and how much "girl" stuff they will do.

Happy Hat Day

Jamie captured many pictures of Sylvia in her hats, so we needed to capture some of the same poses with Violet!  Hope you enjoy!