Merry Christmas

Our annual tradition of staying in on Christmas Eve, wearing pajamas, and opening just one present was a success!  Sylvia loves her new purple boots.

 While Violet opened her first of many presents on her first Christmas.  This one was a wooden toy which appears to be a whale helicopter.

And nothing says Christmas like "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"

Merry Christmas everyone!

Holiday Party

Sylvia was having a holiday party with all of her friends

and the Christmas elf Violet was one of the many presents under the tree!

Wishing you all some holiday cheer!!!

Pancakes, Pie and Pictures

Auntie Missy came over for a night of fun with the girls.  Between dinner, dessert and bath time they kept her pretty busy. We had breakfast for dinner and Missy wouldn't take the pie home so I got stuck eating it :)

sprinkling on the yummy topping

kissing little sister

Lucky for us Sylvia doesn't mind sharing her bath time with Violet. At some point sharing with little sister won't be fun anymore, but for now we will enjoy all the sister love.

Thanks for all the great pictures Auntie!

Violet 6 month

Last Saturday was Violet's 6 month birthday.  She continue to grow and gets stronger every day!  She loves to smile, jump in her Johnnie Jump-up, and sometimes we even get a giggle!

The stats:

Length - 24 3/4"
Weight - 12# 7oz
Head - 16 1/2"

After next week's official weigh-in at the doctor, we will publish the official growth chart.

Turkey Day

We had lots of fun during Thanksgiving, but were only able to capture a couple of the moments...

Sylvia was showing her cousins that she is pretty tough for her size.

I think she pinned Blake in this one.  Jared was the referee in the match.

Later in the long Thanksgiving weekend, we headed out to the lake for some relaxation and some more food.  The typical crew was out there, but I think Auntie Liz and Kevin wanted to have some fun with Violet.  

Violet modeling her new hand-knit sweater

Not sure what is going on here...