With the snow fall last weekend, turkey day tomorrow, and lights going up around town, it would appear that Christmas is almost here.  

Like any 3 year old, we need a letter to Santa.  Last Friday, Liz and Kevin were nice enough to help Sylvia out with her note to Santa.  I am thinking maybe Jamie influenced one of these items - I will let you guess which one.  Personally, I am not sure what she means about "a little sister"...  I mean you just got one!

The back of the letter with cut outs from the Toys R Us circular.  To be honest, I think these are here 5th-9th picks, as we cut her top 4 out earlier in the week and they were in my car during this crafting session.

We also had time to watch one of my favorite holiday movies -Elf.  Yes, it may be a "dumb" movie, but I like the message...

The first snow of the year.  After the shoveling was done, several sled rides were given, a snow fort was built, and Sylvia still wasn't ready to come inside.  Next step - roll around in the culdesac for a while!  I think this will be a good winter.

And finally, nothing says winter time like some Easy Bake Oven.  Sylvia has become quite the helper in the kitchen, and she was able to enjoy her "cake" for a treat on Sunday night.  Notice she is all decked out in her Vikings cooking apron (Thanks Auntie Jane).

Testing the done-ness with a toothpick - great form Sylvia!

What's in store for this long weekend?  Maybe we will get a tree!