Autumn Celbration

It is that time of the year again... Late October means the leaves are changing colors, the temps are dropping, Jamie is one year older, and it is Celbration Time!  (For those reading this that are not familiar with the history, about 5 years ago I made t-shirts for our group of friends and misspelled celebration and since then, it has stuck)

This year the weather was perfect once again.  We had a pretty good sized group and as a host it seemed like it was pure chaos, but the guests seemed to be enjoying themselves.

While the younger ones were playing outside, the grandparents were passing around Violet - which was a huge relief, so thank you all for that!

The day after the party was filled with clean, washing dishes, cleaning, washing more dishes, and then washing a few more dishes.  Of course the little one are not quite to the age of cleaning, so instead Sylvia wanted to try on her costumes from prior years.

Monkey from 2 years ago (12-18m)

Peapod from her 1st Halloween (3m)

Seriously, what is with that smile???

Apples apples apples

When Fall approaches in this household, it means two things.  1.  A Halloween Party and 2.  Apple Orchards.

Maybe it is because Jamie really likes apples this year, or it is because she is trying to make up for lost time this Summer, but we have definitely made the orchard circuit thus far.  Luckily, I was spared from most of it or I think I would have gone crazy.

Orchard #1 - Carlson Orchards

Following the orchard (and about 60 pounds of apples) we enjoyed some smore's at the cabin.  While I am not positive, I think this was Sylvia's first smore.

Smore' please!

This trip was with Trinity, Jamie, and Sylvia.  Dad tried to hold down the fort with Violet!
There were several different types of animals as well as a nice orchard.  The best part about this trip was that it was free!

This trip was through Sylvia's school and Jamie was lucky enough to volunteer as a chaperon.  Similar to the nature center, this "orchard" also had animals, like the goats shown below
as well as giant mounds of straw for the kids to climb on
and even a playground which featured a large wooden train.

You would think that is it for this year right?  WRONG.  This Sunday we will be headed up to Waldoch Farm for one more fun day outside!

Happy Wednesday

We have been keeping Aunty Missy busy. She is going to start avoiding my calls soon :)
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine!

Warning...naked babies pee a lot!

Four Month Update

Violet had her 4 month appointment on Monday,  Has it already been four months?!?  The Dr. said everything continues to progress well.  She is even on the "normal kid" height and weight curves!

Height - 22 3/4"       5th percentile
Weight - 10# 3.5oz  <3rd percentile
Head - 15 1/2"         10th percentile

If the above were corrected for her due date, she is near the 50th percentile for all.  It will be interesting to see how she continues to grow.  Will she be like her sister and hover around the lower 10% or will she continue to sprout...  we will see!

Of course we need to share a picture... Her is some big sister love from our last photo shoot.