Happy Friday!

Just wanted to share a fun picture from school.

Day 2

A new day, but the same results... this time with the mountain of snow that the plow pushed up. Thank you City of Woodbury!

Sylvia conquered the mountain to hug the tree...
and then thought it to be a good idea to blow some bubbles (it wasn't)

Bring on the 50 degree weather.... My back could use a break!

Yeah... More Snow

While the 50 degree weather a week ago was nice, today's storm let us know that we do live in Minnesota and should expect nothing less.

The good news was that I had a helper tonight. Even with the wind and blowing snow, Sylvia was a trooper and enjoyed her time outside with dad.

If it snows too much more, I think it will be up to her neck!

Drive safe everyone and enjoy your President's Day.

Ice Cream for Breakfast!

This past Saturday marked the annual Ice Cream for Breakfast day and not to let the holiday down, we had to have ice cream for breakfast. While Sylvia opted for the more traditional ice cream cone - Aaron, Jen, Jamie, and I had ice cream topped waffles.... YUMMY!

After the sugar high wore off, we finally tackled the wall hanging project in the living room. I don't think we could have done it without Sylvia's help. Sorry for no pictures of the finished project, but I think it looks pretty nice.