Sylvia's New Friend

While Mrs. Pig has been a part of our family since our wedding day, and sitting in the same spot in our house since we moved in... that is until tonight!

As we were walking downstairs, Sylvia said that she wanted Mrs. Pig to play with us tonight... so she did. We played blocks, put together some puzzles, sang songs, and to top it off, watched an episode of Dora.

Mrs. Pig was zoning out on the TV, but Sylvia had a chance to pose for the camera.

She also did her BIG smile for the camera!

Have a happy weekend!

Stud Finder

Sylvia's new favorite toy - Dad's stud finder...

The Newest Skill

What more can you say, besides I am guessing she will regret this when she is dating (so in like 30 years!)

Thanks again for the pictures Missy.

Merry Christmas

A compilation of the 2010 Christmas season is shown below. Basically it involved 5 different parties in 4 days... We needed a break following that!

On Christmas Eve we spent it at home with just us three. Sylvia got to open a couple presents, but fell in love with her hand-held vacuum cleaner. She could really care less about the other gifts she got that night.

The next morning, we headed down to Northfield for a breakfast at the Dunphys. Cousin Shaylan is enjoying a new book.

Sylvia opened her present - a new tent for the playroom downstairs. It has become an instant hit for her and the other kids that come over.

Grandpa Dan loves his new bird house!

While the camera was away, we spent the afternoon and evening at the farm for the Anderson Christmas.

The next day was a more intimate Christmas with the McCracken / Berry gang. The kids all came over for a appetizer / snackfood marathon. A few hands of Nuts were even played.
More presents....
Still more presents...
Yup, you guessed it, more presents...

The last, but not least, Christmas celebration was out at the Brodd cabin. Even though we were at a new setting, the traditions remained the same. Homemade ice cream, gag gifts, and a horde of dogs... Good times!

Wait until next year... I can already feel the burn from this Buns of Steel video.

Sylvia on her second (or third) bowl of ice cream.

I was spare the details of that night, but someone decided they had enough and didn't want to sleep. I can tell you that it is really quiet and really dark out at 2-5 AM.

The next morning, after a much needed nap, Sylvia was able to do some cookie making with Megan who was home for the holidays. For being cheap Trader Joe's cookie mix, they were actually pretty tasty.

And finally, today wrapped up our Christmas 2010 when Ben and Bonnie stopped by on their way back from Hayword. We enjoyed some snacks and chit chat while catching up on the past couple of months. We all got some great presents and the curling teammates will especially enjoy the IPA from The Angry Minnow on Monday night!

We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays as much as we did and wish you all a happy 2011.