Happy Birth-Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving was filled with a surprise birthday celebration

lots of pies and a b-day cake
happy pie eating
underage drinking
naughty aunties
and more present opening
Sylvia only stole one of Blake's gifts. The house was full and the food was great.

Winter fun

Last weekend Grandma Charleen and Cousins Blake and Jared came to the house on Friday to allow Jamie and I to have a quiet relaxing dinner followed by a night of curling. What started as a plan for a bunch of inside playing turned into a fun snow-filled Saturday as well.

It looks like a game a hide and seek from Grandma found the kids all hiding behind the sofa in the living room

Kissing Cousins ?!?!??!

"Helping" Dad clean the heavy snow on Saturday morning.

Sledding down the hill in the backyard with cousin Jared
Blake helping out by cleaning off Grandma's car


Either warming up their backsides or passing gas.... Unfortunately, I am guessing the latter.

Daycare Fun

Someone LOVES to play outside in the snow... I think that same someone loves to say "Cheese" to the camera!

Happy Last Day of the Workweek!

Dad works at 3M

Do other kids play with blue tape or just kids whose parents get it for cheap? Next time Auntie Liz watches Sylvia she better have a scissors in her pocket just in case.

Playing in the leaves

After trying to get a cute picture of Sylvia in the leaves, we concluded that she is not a big fan of leaves and more excited with the small pumpkin carving tools. Well, there is always next fall!

Pumpkin Celbration

A post long over-due that has been in 'draft' mode for some time. Most of the others have already posted the details about the celbration, so we will let the pictures do the talking.