Happy Father's Day!

Daycare had a Father's Day mini golf on Friday. Sylvia preferred having her puppy kiss daddy instead of working on her putting.

We thought it wouldn't happen to our child, but she has become obsessed with Elmo. I am not sure what it is about him that is so great, but Sylvia has fallen under his spell. Maybe he is so great because he is the most annoying character on Sesame Street?? At least she hasn't discovered Barney. Her new Elmo undies are on her head. That's the only way I can get her to wear them.

Today we started out our day at the farmer's market. It was our first visit this year and it was great. Then we went to visit Trin at her art show. I spent some money and Sylvia must have been inspired. She worked very hard painting a bird house for her dad. There were 8 colors of paint and she used every drop that didn't get on her body. We had to take a bath after she finally stopped painting. I drained the tub about 6 times to get her clean.

We are hoping for a relaxing day tomorrow. Adam had food poisoning and is finally starting to feel better. If the Twins keep winning that will help his recovery!