an update. Sorry for the delay in posting, but as with most people, Summer time is better spent outside than in front of a computer.

Speaking of spending time outside.... With the hot weather we had a week or so ago, Sylvia got to enjoy some time in her pool. Not the nice blow-up one (cuz Dad hasn't blown it up yet), but in the frog sandbox (minus the sand).

I guess this is the look I get for not filling up her 'cool' pool.

However, the frog pool seems to do the job as well.
Blowing bubbles...
Chillin' with the shades on

More laughing

I was also able to take a day off last week and head out to the lake to check on the progress of the cabin as well as prepare for the 4th of July festivities. The exterior framing was mostly complete by lunchtime Friday. The crew will start the interior framing and the rafters this week. Is is amazing how quickly they can pop up a wall.

We walked off some of the rooms and are still trying to figure out where things are going to go in each room, but I think until the sheetrock is up, we will still not have a good sense of the size of each room.

Things will look even more different by the weekend. Hopefully they front end loader is still parked out there... That would make for some great pictures with the kids.

Happy Father's Day!

Daycare had a Father's Day mini golf on Friday. Sylvia preferred having her puppy kiss daddy instead of working on her putting.

We thought it wouldn't happen to our child, but she has become obsessed with Elmo. I am not sure what it is about him that is so great, but Sylvia has fallen under his spell. Maybe he is so great because he is the most annoying character on Sesame Street?? At least she hasn't discovered Barney. Her new Elmo undies are on her head. That's the only way I can get her to wear them.

Today we started out our day at the farmer's market. It was our first visit this year and it was great. Then we went to visit Trin at her art show. I spent some money and Sylvia must have been inspired. She worked very hard painting a bird house for her dad. There were 8 colors of paint and she used every drop that didn't get on her body. We had to take a bath after she finally stopped painting. I drained the tub about 6 times to get her clean.

We are hoping for a relaxing day tomorrow. Adam had food poisoning and is finally starting to feel better. If the Twins keep winning that will help his recovery!

Messy Kid

I am guessing some people pay hundreds of dollars for a yogurt treatment, but Sylvia took care of it herself during dinner tonight. She enjoyed rubbing the strawberry yogurt all over her face and arms.

Nothing is more enjoyable than a bath after the yogurt treatment... Sylvia loves her new bathtub and is usually a chore to get her out of the tub after 15, 20, even 30 minutes.

After bath time we decided to sit Sylvia on her potty chair. It has only been in our house for a couple days and as far as I know, the first time she sat down on it. After about 30 seconds, she took care of business. No, not #2 business, only #1 - but needless to say, Jamie and I were quite excited about it.