1st Birthday Party

We had a beautiful day for Sylvia's first birthday party. The 'old folks' spent some time talking about the good ole days while sipping on lemonade (I am not sure if Virginia and Michael are considered 'old folks', maybe just 'folks')

Megan got some good quality Sylvia time...

Shaylan enjoyed the trampoline for the first time...

Before the birthday cake.

During the birthday cake.

After the birthday cake.

She didn't do much eating, but she sure made a mess. After a quick 'bath' and outfit change it was time to open presents.

She got a lot of great gifts with her favorite being the tissue paper! Pair that with some tupperware and she is good for hours!

Thanks everyone for a great, memorable day along with all the fun gifts.


Cris said...

Happy 1st birthday to your baby girl.. She is really gorgeous.. I love baby's face when smashed by a cake..