Father's Day Weekend Part 2

Sunday was spent at the lake where Sylvia got a lot of Grandma, Grandpa, and Great-Grandpa time.

I love this picture of the two staring at each other!!! I think it is because they have so much in common, like the afternoon nap!

A typical lunch time. Here sampling a wagon wheel... Yummy!
The crew. Need I say more?

Happy Monday!

We had a visit with our neighbors Ben and Bonnie. Sylvia got some good snuggle time in with both of them and she worked on her walking. Thanks for the great photo neighbors :)

Father's Day Weekend Part 1

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

My first 'big kids swing' was great, until the pinched fingers!

It was a warm one, so the pool party worked out to be a great idea. Too bad the "Dogs for Peace" had taken over the pool we wanted to be at, but the kiddie pool by our house worked out just fine. The kids enjoyed the nice warm water, and we also enjoyed a nice relaxing picnic. I love Jimmy John's.

If I remember correctly, the cup was full of raisins...

Seriously, can we get a smile out of you?

So much for the photography class... Sun to your back Jamie!!!

BBQ Pictures (Finally)

The image upload finally worked, so here are some pictures of a 'normal' Thursday night BBQ.

Aaron getting a 'pinch to grow an inch' from Evangeline

Sidney is the resident arborist

We all love Cookie Salad!

Special Guest Ben made an appearance

What a crew!

Mr. Hoots

Every morning Sylvia wakes up to Mr. Hoots. She gives him a big wave and recently started pointing at him. For those who haven't seen Sylvia's room, she has two 'trees' that are on her wall. When Jamie's friend Megan gave this toy to Sylvia, we figured the tree was the perfect spot for him.

The evening ritual is the same. "Good night Mr. Hoots, see you in the morning!" Sylvia gives him a big wave. We are working on blowing kisses, but nothing yet...

Even though this isn't Mr. Hoots, we had to include a picture of Sylvia. Here she is chewing on a wood block that happens to have an owl on it. Maybe it is the long lost relative to Mr. Hoots.

Hopefully we can get out other pictures uploaded, but they have failed three times and I am getting sick of trying... so no BBQ update yet.

Happy Monday!!!

I can't help sharing a picture that Meg took yesterday. Sylvia was playing in the hula hoops that grandpa Jim brought over on Saturday. He got a great deal at a garage sale. Have a great day and I hope this picture gave you a smile!

Mr. Alligator

I don't think Sylvia liked the idea of sharing her shaker with Mr. Alligator. She kneed him and then got out of there. I think he looks pretty angry, Sylvia better watch her back. (or her naked bootie)

She doesn't get to much naked time. It's to hard to change her diaper much less take her clothes off just for fun, but today we gave it a whirl. Adam ended up cleaning up pee. As you can see she is also very into sticking her tongue out.