New things!

Sylvia got to try a couple new things over the weekend.
It was a beautiful day so we tried out the swing in Grandma's backyard. Swinging was a hit. I think we will start making pit stops at the park. Pretty soon we will be going down the slide.

She had a taste of rhubarb. She liked it so much she instantly started drooling. I can't wait to try pickles.

She was thinking of giving hula hooping a try, but she decided to leave it to the pro! (grandpa)
We will have many more firsts this summer. She is changing so fast, it's hard to believe that she is almost 1.

Bath Time

The little bath cannot contain Sylvia any longer. We have now upgraded to the luxurious bar sink for bath time. Based on the amount of water that makes in onto the wall, the floor, and on me from all the splashing, I am guessing she likes the new tub.

Sylvia is now 10 months old, which means the 1 year birthday is right around the corner. It is crazy how fast time flies.

Not much new with us. We are suffering through the latest bout of teething. The uppers are coming in and the little princess is paying us back for all the nights of great sleep we had. (Well at least she is paying Dad back...)

I miss this!

Talk to you all later.

Our big little girl

Sylvia taught us her new trick last week. She kept raising her arms up and we couldn't figure out what she was trying to tell us. I think she was trying to tell us that she was done eating and daycare said that she was striking a pose. Then we asked her how big she was and she raised her arms. I am not sure where she saw this, but it is pretty cute. Pretty soon she will be telling jokes just like her buddy Zach.

P.S.Avocados are messy