We fixed the transmission!

It truly is amazing how fast children grow... For the past 6-8 weeks, Sylvia has been trying so hard to crawl, but has always been stuck in reverse. She would crawl all over the place, just backwards. You can tell in the following video that she is getting a little frustrated.

A little over a week ago, so fixed the transmission and found Drive. She has been getting better and better every day!

While I was in Weatherford, OK last week, Sylvia even started pulling herself up on things. It is definitely time to do some baby-proofing. While I haven't caught this on camera yet, her arsenal of tricks are growing at an astounding rate.

Spring Time Fun

We took advantage of the nice weather last Friday to snap some shots of Sylvia outside.

She was sitting on the lawn out front and didn't really know what to thing about the grass. The leaves however, made for a tasty treat! (OK, she didn't eat any of them, but she sure wanted to)

"Give me the camera Mommy!"

After our playtime outside, it was time to clean up in the bath. The baths lately have taken on a whole new level. A couple months ago, she would lay there like a perfect little baby. Now, we have more water outside the tub then inside the tub. I think it is time to move upstairs to the big girl tub.

The tongue in action...

The Crazy-Haired Lady

9 Month Wellness Check

Tired Baby

Sylvia had her 9 month wellness checkup last Monday. Everything was good health wise and she is still growing at a reasonable pace.

If you remember back to a much earlier post (when she was 9 days old) we had extrapolated her weight based on her birth weight and her 9 day old weight. Based on that, she would weigh 468 pounds on her 18th B-Day.

With a few more data points, I recalculated her projected height and weight. Now, based on new data, Sylvia will weigh 210 pounds and be just over 14 feet tall on her 18th birthday! That is one tall kid!

Weight: 15 lb, 12 oz (5th %)
Length: 27.25 in (50th %)
Head: 17 in (25th %)

She has been a very active kid lately. She figured out the forward crawling thing about 10 days ago, now she is pulling herself up on things. Because of these new developments, the baby-proofing is now #1 on the list of things to do. Also, Sylvia is no longer a vegetarian. The Dr. gave the go-ahead to start feeding Sylvia table foods. Her first meal - Rotisserie Chicken. She absolutely loves the moist chicken breast. She picks it up, rips the small pieces into smaller pieces and then eats them. It is pretty cool to watch.

Action videos are on the way...

Johnny Jump Up

Sylvia loves her new toy. Not sure what Lucy thinks about it however...

Happy Easter!

Here are some pictures of Sylvia getting ready for tomorrow. There is going to be big competition during the Easter egg hunt and we are trying to get her ready. She loves the candy wrappers.

We are not sure if she likes the egg or the peanut butter cup better?

It almost looks like she is crawling, but she hasn't quite figured out how to go forward yet. She can go backwords and in cirlces. We were hoping that the eggs would be enough motivation, but today wasn't the day.

Ben and Bonnie made her a great Easter basket. I think everyone in the house except Lucy has enjoyed it.

I think the sugar kicked in ;-)

Have a great Easter everyone.
Jamie, Adam, and Sylvia (and Lucy too)