Grrrrrr I am a tiger, well actually I am a giraffe. I am not really sure what sound a giraffe makes so I will pretend that they are scary like tigers.

I had a pretty good weekend. My teeth are killing me so grandma Charlie felt bad for me and took me shopping on Friday. Grandma doesn't like my moms fashion sense so she tries to get me nicely matching outfits so that mom doesn't make me look silly. Grandma has her work cut out for her.

I went to Kasey's b-day party on Saturday. I played with her toys, but mom didn't let me have any cake. Dad was curling (getting drunk) all weekend so mom got together with the other curling widows. They went out to eat at a yummy Afganistan restaurant and then they went to the rollar derby. While mom was out having fun I got to play with Ben and Bonnie. I gave them a little bit of a hard time but I think they didn't mind to much because we did lots of snuggling.

Today Trinity came over with Chazo. He is a crazy pooch that doesn't get much time to play in the snow. Lucy got on his nerves, but I think in a couple more visits they will be best buddies. Lucy is pretty persistant and most people/dogs usually give into her charms. Lucy and I get along pretty good. She always makes sure that my face is clean and she cleans up after me.

Well it's getting late and I need to get to bed before my teeth start hurting again. Have a good Monday. -Sylvie