Help!!! We need a new booger sucker!

Just wondering if anyone knows where to get one of these??? Lucy thought that it looked tasty. We can't seem to find the kind that you get from the hospital. The other types that you can buy don't wok as well and this tool is critical if you have a stuffy baby. Thanks


Trinity said...

That is gross! I guess I didn't realize that those things were for sucking boogers. How do you clean it?
Lucy ate boo-gers, Lucy ate boo-gers!
It kind of resembles a Kong, so I guess she can't be blamed. Plus, you stuffed it with tasty treats just like a Kong.

Liz said...

Oh, Lucy. If I were you, I'd go back to the maternity ward at your hospital and ask for one. We've purchased a few "back-ups" from Target - and none of them work as well. I bet if you came in with your cute girl, you'd get two. ;) Good luck!