Christmas Video

As promised... a video from yesterday's fun.

Merry Christmas

Before we head of to Hutchinson for Christmas #4 (in two days), I wanted to share a couple pictures from yesterdays fun.

The Family Picture @ The Dunphy's

After a great breakfast at the Dunphy's, it was off to the farm for Christmas with the Anderson's. I heard there were 30 or so people there, so you can imagine it was a little crazy... Sylvia was a champ with all the new faces. She was full of giggles.

She managed to get a little nap on the drive home from Northfield and then up to Brooklyn Park. It was good she go some rest... check out that pile of presents!

Are you kidding me?

Taking in my 1st Christmas

After only napping for about 45 minutes, Sylvia was still smiles from ear to ear when nightfall came. She 'opened' most of her presents, but then couldn't take it any longer. I laid her down in the pack n play, and she was out in less than 10 seconds! It was amazing...

That was pretty much our entire day... I may try to get a video up before we take off today.


Last Sunday the kids got together to watch a little Vikings football action... As you can see from the expressions on their faces, it was a suspenseful one.

"Come on T-Jack, hold on to the football!"

Hope everyone has an enjoyable Christmas Eve. We plan on starting off our new family tradition consisting of:

1. Frozen Pizza
2. Pajamas
3. Movies
4. Popcorn
4b. Jamie will probably grab some ice cream too!

First Christmas pictures to be posted later!!!

Happy Brithday Trinity

Finally Trinity is old like me! Paul through a great surprise party for Trinity on Saturday night...

She got some great presents like:

A potato scrubber

and Mystic the Unicorn (from Sylvia)

She also received several other great gifts, but she did mention that Mystic was by far her favorite gift.

Trinity's sister, Jessie, also got to spend some time with Sylvia...

And finally, going after some of the bubbly.

Even though there was a blizzard and it was flippin' cold, we all had a great time and the surprised look on Trinity's face was priceless!


Winter is here, but I don't think Sylvia has a clue. I think she is ready for the north pole.

Sylvia's Acting Debut

Today at daycare was the annual holiday program. Sylvia was lucky enough to win the lead of Rudolph! Here she is leading the sleigh.

Who can't smile when they see this little angel.

Not quite sure, but it looks like Mrs. Claus may have ate the last reindeer.

My name is Sylvia... My name is Lucy

This is what happens when you show Jamie how to use the camcorder and Daddy gets home from work late...

The actual licking (including face) went on for about 2 1/2 minutes, but I thought I would spare you... and yes, she is wearing her Christmas dress with a green frog bib. Good thing, because Jamie mentioned that Sylvia had a little spit-up.

She also enjoyed some fun times with her new stuffed animal from Pat and Mary K.

Have a great evening... I am enjoying mine at home, since my trip was postponed. It is nice to be home now, but I am nervous about when I will have to travel next with the holidays quickly approaching.