Sylvia had her first shot on Monday. We got to hear a new cry. I wonder how long it takes for kids to know what happens at the doctors office? She now weighs 9.7 pounds and is 22.25 inches.

I think she is still smaller than her daddy at birth--another ouch for his momma :) She is still a peanut but she seems a lot bigger to me. Her weight gain is slowing down so I don't think Adam's original calculations will be correct :)


Anonymous said...

ij /Ok Jamica,
Just because your back at work, doesn't mean that you should ignor your blog.

Greetings from Holland. Having a blast, tomorrow we're off too Germany for 2 days, then Luxemborg, then Switzerland. I'm crazy with excitement. Weather is beautiful, sunny 65.

See you on the 20th, hi to all,

Bumbell bee