Ice Cream Monster

I think he gets his ice cream monster genes from his aunt:)


Adam asked if my present needed to be wrapped, I said yes. Maybe next year I will say no.

Meg made up for Adam's slacking with a beautiful gift and chocolate:) Plus she brought her momma with so we had a great girlie time.

Mary (the momma) gave me a Raggedy Anne that she made. She is even cuter in real life!

I am doing things a little out of order but I went out with Trin to celebrate the last day of my twenties. You can visit her blog for pictures and a proper description of the evening. She gave me a really neat knitting sock kit thing. Her blog also has a better description of how the sock kit works.

Don't mess with me!

This is a picture that grandma took. I am not really sure what she was doing to Sylvie:)

What does Lucy want?

thanks liz

Stolen Photo

Sorry I couldn't help it. I stole this from Zac and Liz's blog. They have lots of cute pictures of Sawyer on their blog so check it out.

Pumkin Carving Celbration

These are a bunch of pictures from our fun day of pumpkin carving. Since time seems to go way to quick now that I am back at work I think I will just be posting lots of pictures.

not so sure about this pumpkin thing--they are icky inside

they look like little angels-maybe that is their costume??

Scott can hold a pea pod, drink beer, take pictures and cut stuff all at the same time. Wow his wife is one lucky lady.

they don't seem to mind the pumpkin slime

I think he is tooting

not sure what he is up to

Vonnie-I hope this makes you happy :)--buy lots of shoes over there and don't forget to get me a b-day present!

Sweet Pea

Sorry for the big delay in blogging. We had a very busy week, but we survived. This is just to tide you over until I have a little more time. We just spent to long picking out pictures to get develped on Snapfish and then our cart only had 3 photos in it so I am a little annoyed at the moment. Hopefully this little pea will keep you happy for a day or two.


Sylvia had her first shot on Monday. We got to hear a new cry. I wonder how long it takes for kids to know what happens at the doctors office? She now weighs 9.7 pounds and is 22.25 inches.

I think she is still smaller than her daddy at birth--another ouch for his momma :) She is still a peanut but she seems a lot bigger to me. Her weight gain is slowing down so I don't think Adam's original calculations will be correct :)