San Miguel - Around Town

Please enjoy these pictures from our trip to San Miguel!

San Miguel Botanical Gardens

On New Years Day, we ventured to one of the few places that was actually open.  The San Miguel Botanical Gardens.

While a majority of our vacation was on our feet, we were glad we found a taxi to go to this one!  I am certain we climbed 1,000 vertical feet up to this area, and it was well worth the $2 taxi ride...  (side note - we did walk back home from this adventure, with a pit stop at the market for some snacks!) 

The great part about vacations to different areas, is seeing what their "natural settings" contain.  As it is a mountainous desert area, there were lots of cacti and other non-Minnesota plants. 

Jamie's favorite - succulents

Really tall and wide cactus

Mexico's version of hens and chicks

The man made lake that used to provide water and electricity to the city

Hard to tell from the photo, but the gorge is huge

In the background, pipe that used to bring water to the city

A view of the city in the distance

a bit of art within the park as well

This was a great out of the city spot.  They even had a small kids park, so we will be here again for sure!

San Miguel ATV Adventure

Please enjoy of few photos of our ATV adventure!

First church in San Miguel - build on pyramid ruins

The bridge (whats left of it) on the "Silver Road"

This was a great way to see not only the city, but also the area beyond the city.  Highly recommended!

Mexico Trip!

We finally made it on our ten year anniversary trip - it happened to be three years late, but it was well worth the wait!

Instead of capturing images and then doing a big "picture dump" when we return, we opted to post via Instagram throughout the trip.  Please follow adam_brodd at Instagram to view them!