Sylvia's 1st Lost Tooth

The girl spends four days between grandparents and all the sugar and sweets have rotted her teeth away!

p.s. the tooth fairy leaves $1 coins at this house

p.p.s  this is how we were informed - a text from Grandma

Birthday Planning

Sylvia brought home a piece of paper with names of kids in her class.  She said it was her birthday list.  Originally, we thought she split the list into those that were invited (Ava, Ingrid, Judith, and Leah) and those that are not invited (Rishi).

As it turns out, she just split her list into "girls" and "boys".  I guess that is much better than already making list of kids to not include in her social gatherings!

Home Depot Day

The first Saturday of every month is Kid's Home Depot Day.  Basically it is a small wood craft that kids can assemble and paint (or apply stickers). 

It is a great reason to get out of the house on these cold weekends and spend some time with the girls - as well as pick up a few items from the local hardware store.

This month was a "trojan horse piggy bank".

Sylvia was very proud of her work

Over the past few months, Violet has really been improving with her building "skills"

A proud big sister

Violet is very focused on applying the sticker perfectly.

The girls showing off their completed projects.

A quick video showing off Violet's hammering skills.   It would have been a longer video but Sylvia jumped in front of the camera.  She must have wanted more attention!