First Steps

So Violet has started to take her first steps!  This video was shot last week and we needed to get it posted now, because she is catching on so quickly.

We will try to take a video tonight as well to show the improvement.

Since I had the video camera out, here is another of the funny things that Violet does during dinner.

She likes raspberries so much that she just has to giggle!

Cherry Berry

A new yogurt shop opened up in Woodbury a couple months ago.  We finally had a chance to check it out.  Cherry Berry lets you pick the flavor of yogurt and all the yummy toppings that you could ever imagine. 

As you could imagine Sylvia loves this place!

It has become our new post hair-cut place to go - but only if Sylvia is nice for the hair stylist!

The best part of Cherry Berry is that Auntie Leah works at the one on the west side, so she hooked us up with some sweet coupons as well!  Thanks Auntie!

Happy Birthday Violet!

When you have a preemie, there are a couple things the doctors always refer to your child as.  First, their birth age.  In Violet's case, she is called a "thirty-weeker".  The second is their corrected age.  Well, today marks Violet 1st (corrected) Birthday.

In honor of Violet's 1st corrected birthday, we had some fun at the park with Auntie Missy.  To be honest, it really had nothing to do with Violet's B-day,  but more as an excuse for Auntie to play with the girls, and of course, take some fantastic pictures.  Enjoy!

She sure doesn't seem like a preemie anymore...  I guess we will see if she is still "on track" with her upcoming checkup at Children's.

Happy Friday!

Just wanted to post a couple cute pictures that Missy took for Violet's 1 year photo shoot. She got so many great ones it is hard to pic my favorites. I am not sure how she is able to get cute shots when Violet doesn't really seem to be cooperating at all during the shoot. She doesn't understand that Missy and I work so hard trying to come up with fun props and photo ideas.

She has been busy getting 3 teeth the last couple of weeks. She also took her first steps on Tuesday this week. Adam and I are also pretty sure we have heard her say graham cracker. It seems a bit crazy, but we both heard her say it at different times. So we are up to 3 words, a couple of signs, waving hi and goodbye, and blowing kisses. She also seems pretty fearless. I have had way too many calls from school letting me know that she got hurt in the last couple of weeks.