Violet 7.5 Month Update

Well the little one continues to grow.  Yesterday she had a nurses visit for a couple shots.  Prior she was weighed for our records...

15# 2oz!!!

A couple of Violet's favorite things:

  • putting anything she can possible put in her mouth - including toys, hands, and even her feet!
  • she has recently fell in love with 'solids' including cauliflower, squash, pears, and broccoli
  • she loves jumping - both in her johnny jump-up and her exersaucer
  • full of giggles...  we will get more of those on tape

As we thought about it, Sylvia was "small" for her age, so we wanted to graph the weights of the two girls based on their age (not corrected age).  It may have taken Violet 200 days to catch up, but she has overtaken her sister in the weight department!!!

It will take some data mining, but the next assignment is to plot their lengths side by side.

Ice Fishing with Dad and Grandpa

 For our birthdays, the family got together at the lake and since the weather was so nice, we took the opportunity to do a little ice fishing.

This was Sylvia's first time ice fishing, and while we didn't catch anything, I know she had fun playing with the slush around the holes.

Maybe next time we will set up the fish house and stay out for longer than 20 minutes!


At least someone in this house feels good!

While most are back in shape - Sylvia returned to school yesterday, Dad to work tomorrow, and Jamie on the mend...  we are extremely lucky that whatever we had didn't hit little V (knock on wood)

And the rest of the story...

Per normal, our holiday season was filled with many Christmas celebrations with family and friends.

Sylvia opening her Hello Kitty doll from Santa on Christmas Night

Cousins chasing one another at the Dunphys

Violet with Cousin Claire at the Anderson Farm

Dice game at the Anderson Farm

Sylvia's ornament she made at school

Santa stopped at Grandma and Grandpa's house as well!

 The cousins also decorated gingerbread men - yummy!

Santa also stopped at Auntie Leah's house...  

  and guess what... more treats!  This time sprinkles on the ice-cream

Let's not forget, Christmas at the Brodds. 

Wrapping up the holiday season on January 8th!

While it was a long three weeks, Sylvia still had time to help her sister open all of her presents.  I guess that is what big sisters are for, right?

Happy Monday!

Happy 7 month

We are a couple days late, but that is what happens when daddy goes back to work!  

Sylvia's 1st real food was on New Years Day 2009 
Violet's was just a couple days later (January 4th, 2012)

Technically she is ~1 month older when she had solids, but corrected for age, she was 1 month earlier than Sylvia, so those cancel out and they are the same...  

Not quite sure what to think here...

Maybe I do like this?

She did get a bit upset when Jamie stopped feeding her, and relaxed when she got some more, so I think it went pretty good for the 1st "real" food.

Enjoy the rest of the week - the last Christmas is coming up this weekend, followed by the Christmas 2011 post!