Como Zoo Field Trip

Last week Sylvia's school took a field trip to Como Zoo. Jamie went as a chaperon, mainly to keep an eye on Sylvia.

It was mostly pure craziness the entire trip. A full sized school bus was full of kids, teachers, and parents. Luckily the weather wasn't too hot.

One of Sylvia's teachers, Ms. Christie, stopped at the ice cream stand and purchased bomb pops for all the kids. These were not your 50 cent bomb pops... we are talking full sized BOMB POPS! Of all the kids, only one finished the entire treat, and they ALL had red lips and tongues.
The end of the trip was sack lunch time. All of the children sat in a row and dug into their lunch. Sylvia is sitting next to her best friends... The girls are both 5 years old and just love Sylvia.
One of her friends must have taught her how to eat Oreos, because she didn't learn that from mom or dad.

It was a great (hectic) trip and the kids all had a fun time.