Funny Note from Daycare

A couple weeks ago, Sylvia was given this note from daycare. (note in blue ink)

It sure is amazing how fast they grow up!

The New Place

It would seem that everything is coming together (finally).

The Brodd family will be heading east in about 6 weeks. We have shared the details with some, but because of the fear of 'jinxing' the deal, we didn't do into too many details. As we start to share the news with more people, many want to know what it looks like. Since the listing is no longer active, we are unable to link to that, but luckily, the virtual tour is still active.

For your viewing pleasure:

Please don't mind the music... we didn't pick that out!

We look forward to sharing our new house with everyone.... just give us a couple weeks!

Jump around

Water Park Fun...

Last weekend the Willards, Roses, and Brodds spent some quality time at the Lakeville Holiday Inn. They had a great water park for the kids and a so-so water park for the older kids, but since we are all fathers now, our kids come first, right?

The 'water slide' was a hit for Sylvia. I am convinced she went down it 100 times - and I am not exaggerating.

The next two stars of the WNBA... Look out Lindsay Wahlen!
Here Sylvia is going in for a slam dunk...

Oh, and by the way... happy birthday Scott.


With the great weather we had on Sunday, Sylvia had a chance to play outside for the first time in months. While I am sure she loved being outside, she seemed a little confused with the changing seasons.

Her little red shovel was by her side most of the day. Don't forget about the dust pan... these come in handy while playing in the yard.

Mom and Dad also enjoyed the warm weather. We had burgers and asparagus on the grill two nights in a row. Yummy!

I will likely regret this post...

A month or so ago, Jamie grabbed the camcorder while Sylvia was eating dinner.

Please ignore to tone-deaf singer and focus on the cute kid. Thank you.