9:27 PM Update

So we are finally at the hospital and sticking around tonight because the nurse accidentally broke Jamie's water while examining her. That was neat...

Jamie is being a trooper, with contractions being 2-5 minutes apart... The RN is monitoring the baby's vitals and Jamie's contractions. She will be giving an exam in a bit... However, this is a different nurse, without mongoloid hands, so Jamie is feeling a lot more comfortable with this exam.
Jamie's first Nurse --->

The room is very nice, even equip with satellite TV. So I was sitting around watching the Twins game and then the darn storm blows through and we lose signal. Great luck. Oh well, we didn't lose the internet, so I able to watch Nathan save another one for the Twins.

I will continue to update when we have more fun stories to share.


JFibers said...

I am super excited!!! I can't wait to see photos of little baby (insert name of your choice here). Best of luck tonight!
I'll get knitting tomorrow on the hat you requested Jamie. Any specific color scheme?